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Tina's Burritos Vegetarian Inspired Enchilada Casserole

Tina's Burritos will have you whistling while you work with this super quick vegetarian inspired enchilada casserole dinner that serves 8. It is Easy to make, budget friendly at .64 cents/serving, and a complete protein. When we made this dish in our test kitchen we couldn't eat just one! We get asked all the time to make up vegetarian recipes by folks who would like to limit their intake of animal by products, help the environment, or just improve their overall health. The Vegetarian Society defines vegetarians as people who do not eat fish, meat, or chicken, but many do eat eggs, and dairy. The only animal product that we used in this recipe was the cheese which is made from cow's milk, but there are several vegetarian approved cheeses you could substitute for that if you wanted to. Although only a small portion, between 5-8%, of the US population according to wikipedia says they are vegetarian, Los Angeles, the city where Tina's Burritos are made, is considered one of the most vegetarian friendly cities in the county.  

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