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Did you know that eating Tina's Burritos is a great way to get some important daily nutrients?

That's right, Tina's Burritos are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, and D, calcium, and iron. The recommended daily allowance of protein for people ages 15-55 is anywhere from 31 to 62 grams, depending on gender and body weight. One Tina's Big Burrito has 23 grams of protein, that's half a day's worth of protein for most people! In addition, the farm grown beans in many Tina's Burritos are an important source of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber has many positive health benefits because it moves through the digestive system slowly, it helps stabilize glucose and cholesterol levels according to the Harvard Public School of Health. Steady glucose levels are attributed to helping your body burn fat rather than store it, improved mood, less hunger swings, and more energy. Lower cholesterol levels have been associated with lower cardiovascular risk and maintaining a healthy weight. One Tina's Big Burrito has 7 grams of fiber, that's almost 25% of the amount Doctors recommend each day for a healthy lifestyle! You can get a dose of vitamins D, A, and C in Tina's Burritos to help your body build strong bones and muscles, support the immune system, healthy aging, eye and skin health, 10% of your RDA of calcium, and 35% of your RDA of iron in the Big Burrito. Adequate iron consumption helps reduce fatigue, anemia, and improves cognitive function. If you have a busy day and need a quick meal you can depend on for nutrition, taste, and convenience give Tina's a try.  You can find Tina's Burritos in the frozen and deli section of your favorite grocery store.

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