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COVID-19 heroes offer comfort and Tina's Burritos!

Did you know that frozen burritos are one of the best foods to have in your freezer during times of certainty and uncertainty? For way less money and the time it takes to drive through your favorite fast food place, you can walk to your freezer in your fuzzy slippers and pj's, and pop a Tina's Burrito in your microwave for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Add the toppings of your choice, and you've got some pretty awesome comfort food that can stand in for a meal. The past few weeks Tina's staff has been working around the clock to keep your favorite burritos stocked on grocer's shelves. Many of our employees and customers have gone above and beyond "the call of duty" to offer their own brand of comfort during the COVID-19 quarantine. As we are finding out, heroes don't always do big things like putting out fires....sometimes they do small things with great love and heart. One of those heroes would be a grandmother from Los Angeles, Maria Haro Flanagan, who wrote to us about her grandson who has hyper sensitive food allergies and was running out of food because his mom had just given birth to a baby sister and the entire family was quarantined. One of his favorite foods is the Tina's Bean and Cheese burrito. He eats them everyday. Friends and extended family were desperately trying to locate more burritos for the family, but could not find them due to hoarding during the epidemic. That's when a very worried Maria wrote in to Tina's Customer Service Manager, Lee Ann Vasquez and asked for help. Lee Ann was the other hero in this story. She volunteered to deliver a case of Bean & Cheese burritos to our young champion on her way home from work after a long day! I am happy to report that the new family is doing just fine and enjoying their burritos. Thanks to Maria and Lee Ann for showing us that, "You Got This", isn't just a mantra of positivity, but a way of everyday life, and that heroes can be regular folks doing good!

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Jun 14, 2022

the burritos taste great but I swear every single beef and bean burrito I eat has a chewy cartridge like textured bite that I just hope is edible and usually just swallow it whole like? Can we stop putting nasty chewy shit in them, like go eat one, you'll get it.

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