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Tina's Burritos was mentioned in Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer

Tina’s Burritos is excited to launch a new product called Sopes (So-pez) under their Tina’s Cantina label this fall. Sopes are traditional Mexican Street Fare known as antojitos (snacks) and are popular throughout Mexico in small country restaurants.

Forming corn masa into crispy bowls, and then topping with shredded steak, real Monterey Jack Cheese, and seasoned pinto beans, is what makes this delicious food unique. Consumers can customize the dish with the fresh toppings of their choice like cotija cheese, lettuce, tomato, and salsa.

This beloved Mexican recipe is labor intensive to make from scratch, but Tina’s innovative cooking process combined with flash freezing, makes it a convenient choice for authentic Mexican cuisine that is budget wise and family friendly.

This product has never been offered in the frozen food section before, and is sure to be as popular with grocers and consumers in America as it is with street vendors in Mexican countryside. Check out the Viva Mexico! article by Warren Thayer here{"issue_id":624218,"page":82}

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