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Quality Lab Technician

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Vernon, CA, USA

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About the Role

The Lab Technician will conduct all analysis for the Microbiology laboratory. They will follow proper testing protocols as provided by AOAC methodology, prepare Micro Media/Broths properly, based on instructions provided by Media/Broth manufacturer prepare and conduct analysis, and based on GLP guideline/instruction maintain Micro Biology laboratory.

Responsibilities include;

• Prepare all microbiology laboratory’s samples accurately
• Report all microbiology laboratory’s results accurately
• Order all testing kits necessary to conduct MicroBiology Analysis in a timely manner
• Conduct/Communicate efficiently all scheduled analysis in a timely manner
• Prepare environmental swabs for pathogen testing per scheduled time
• Conduct environmental swab analysis for pathogen in a timely/accurate manner
• Send out environmental swab to the 3rd party laboratory quarterly for validation study
• Keep Micro lab in a clean/ organize manner at all times
• Keep correct inventory of all media’s/broth’s necessary to conduct micro testing


  • Applicants currently engaged in earning a science degree; and/or over 7 years of experience working as a Lab Tech in a food USDA Facility

  • 3 to 10 years of food experience (USDA facility preferred)

  • Language Skills: Ability to read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents. High proficiency in English is mandatory.

  • PC literate, analytical

  • Ability to work with Scientific concepts such as Microbiology and Biology in the food industry

  • Ability to apply concepts such as proper microbiological principles, proper micro plating, micro counting, and following scientific instruction per testing requirements to practical situations.

  • Highly flexible; able to work on multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines

  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Must be able to handle confidential information with complete confidence of management

  • Micro biological skills/experience in the food industry environment

  • 20 % of time is spent on the production floor where the use of personal protective equipment is required and there is exposure to temperature extremes, dust, and machinery

  • 80% of time is spent in a Laboratory environment. Must be able to use a computer (graphs, spreadsheets, data bases), stop watch, measuring devices (Incubators, Thermometers, Scales, and Auto claves), general Micro biological testing parameters/ equipment

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