The Tina's Singles you love in new multipack sizes!

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Every Minute 694 Tina's Burritos Are Eaten!

What's your favorite flavor?

Tina's Burritos

Tinas Single Red Hot Beef frozen burrito easy and quick meal

Tina's Loaded 

Tina's Loaded 5-Layer frozen burrito with real cheese quick and easy meal

Tina's Big Burritos

Red Hot Beef 10oz Deli burrito quick and easy meal

Tina's Max

Tina's MAX frozen burritos cheesy bold flavor quick and easy meal

Tina's Cantina Breakfast

Tina's Cantina frozen breakfast burritos quick and easy breakfast

Tina's Chimichangas

Tina's Chimichangas steak and cheese quick and easy meal

Don't sacrifice taste for nutrition, Tina's has both!

Tina's Burritos lifestyle quick and easy meal
Happy Tina's Burritos customers
Tina's Burritos lifestyle recipes quick and easy meals