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frozen burritos

Breakfast All Day!!!

The Miracle Tortilla

At Tina's Burritos, we bake our tortillas from scratch everyday, and over a million burrito lovers from movie stars to moms have made them famous.  But did you know that the most famous tortilla of all belongs to a family from New Mexico who saw the face of Jesus Christ in 1977 on a breakfast burrito!  It became a pop culture icon and was known as The Holy Miracle Tortilla and was on display in a Shrine at Lake Arthur, New Mexico. The family had the tortilla blessed by their local priest, constructed an alter in their house, and welcomed thousands of pilgrims into their home who claim to have been healed, or inspired by it. While Tina's tortillas are not Holy, they are tasty, and our breakfast burritos will give your day a head start! 

Burrito History Fun Fact

Did you know that burrito means "little donkey" in Spanish? The Diccionario Mexicanismos dates the word to 1895 and credits a Mexican Street Vendor from Juarez named Juan Mendez with coining the word. He used a "burro" to carry his homemade tacos to market each day, and realized that if he rolled the ingredients up in a flour tortilla they would stay warmer longer and were easier to transport. The burritos back then were smaller in size much like the modern day taquito.  The first American sized burrito is said to have originated in the Mission District of San Fransisco by the El Faro Resturant in the 1930's. They made up a double batch to serve to hungry firefighters and giant burritos became the new standard size. Tina's Burritos honors that tradition by offering the Big Burrito which is a huge 10 ounce burrito with up 23 grams of protein.  It makes a quick meal for busy people who want a hearty meal that is delicious and budget friendly.  

What we do best

We bake up a million tortillas a day, fill them with wholesome ingredients, flash freeze them for freshness, and ship to grocers all across America.  Our mission is to help you save time and money by offering you the best tasting, most convenient low cost frozen burrito on the market for a quick snack or meal. Our burritos have enough protein and essential nutrients to get you where you're going. 

Tina's Burritos is a Brand owned by Camino Real Kitchens, Inc. 2638 E. Vernon Ave., Vernon, CA United States 90058

contact us by phone at 1-323-585-6599

From Our Freezer to Yours With Love

Did You know that Tina's Burritos are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, and D, Calcium, and Iron ?  

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