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Cost Accountant

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Vernon, CA, USA

Job Type

full time/salaried

About the Role

A Cost Accountant is responsible for overseeing and managing the costs of the company's inventory and accounting treatment. It is their duty to monitor transactions, update general ledgers, gather and analyze data, perform audits and assessments, and produce regular inventory reports. They must also observe and be alert for any inconsistencies and discrepancies, dealing with them according to the GAAP and internal policies. Moreover, a Cost Accountant must maintain an active communication line with internal staff and outside vendors for a smooth and efficient workflow.

Responsibilities include:

• Analyze manufacturing costs and prepare regular reports comparing standard costs to actual production costs
• Assisting in the improvement in internal controls related to inventory including proper cutoff and valuation
• Verifying accurate standard costs by performing internal cost and BOM Audits
• Perform periodic cost rerolls
• Monitoring inventory transactions and help with inventory tracking system implementation
• Reconciling inventory accounts in the general ledger to counts provided by the accounting system and external vendors
• Review adjustments to inventory such as cycle counts entries
• Preparing monthly journal entries as needed including capitalized variance entries
• Special projects as required


  • A minimum of four years’ experience as an Inventory or Cost Accountant.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Accounting preferable

  • An understanding of GAAP in relation to inventory.

  • Proficient in MS Excel.

  • ERP/MRP System Knowledge

  • Bilingual Spanish is a plus.

About the Company

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