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About Tina's Burritos

"Our mission is to feed the world with incredibly delicious, amazingly affordable and undeniably satisfying hand held foods. For over 30 years, we have fed millions of hungry burrito lovers Tina's brand burritos, America's best selling single serve burritos. 

Every day, we bake up tortillas from scratch in our Los Angeles factory and fill them with wholesome ingredients like real pinto beans, cheddar cheese, beef, and chili powder. Then we flash freeze them for freshness, and ship to grocers all across America. You can find them in the frozen section of your favorite grocer.

What our Customers are Saying

Our team is pleased to introduce some exciting new products we are sure that you will love.


Breakfast Burritos  - we’ve cooked up your favorite breakfast flavors Sausage, Bacon, Steak, and Ham with delicious Eggs and Cheddar Cheese all  wrapped in our freshly baked tortillas. A great way to start your day.  


Sopes -are traditional Mexican Street Fare known as antojitos (snacks) and are popular throughout Mexico in small country restaurants.Forming corn masa into crispy bowls, and then topping with shredded steak, real Monterey Jack Cheese, and seasoned pinto beans, is what makes this delicious food unique. 


If you are looking for a great tasting burrito, and can’t find Tina’s brand at your store, let us know. We can help you locate a store near you.



Robert Cross, President & CEO 

from our Customers


Aldo from Norfolk, CT

“Tina's Burritos have been a mainstay in my household for quite some years - simply the best frozen burrito money can buy! ”


Rita from Madison, WI

“Man cannot live on bread alone - and that's why Tina's rolled it into tortillas and mixed it with beef and beans”

Ian from Akron, OH


“45 seconds on each side. Perfection. Best burrito on the market hands down. The shell doesn't get hard or chewy like the competitors burros do. Great product Tina's, keep up the great work!!!”