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A Bigger, Bolder Burrito

Our Tina's MAX burritos are bigger and bolder than anything we've made before. We took everything the consumer asked for: more cheese, more flavor, more size - and put it in an 8oz burrito. 

  • Santa Fe Style Green Chili Sauce

  • Savory Beef

  • Monterey Jack Cheese

Tina's Max Santa Fe Style Beef and Monterey Jack Cheese, Green Chili Burrito, Cheesy Bold Flavor with 19 grams protein made with savory beef, monterey jack cheese, Santa Fe Style Green Chili Sauce half pound
Tina's Max Cheesy Bean Enchilada Burrito cheesy bold flavor 20 grams protein made with farm grown pinto beans, cheddar cheese, premium enchilada sauce half pound
Tina's Max Beef Nacho Cheese Burrito with 18 grams of protein made from savory beef and nacho cheese half pound
  • Premium enchilada sauce

  • Farm grown Pinto Beans

  • Cheddar Cheese

  • Savory Beef

  • Nacho Cheese